The City of Miner, Missouri has long been known as "America's Select City".

Miner is a traveler's oasis with great restaurants, a fabulous selection of overnight accommodations, and shopping opportunities galore.

It serves as the cultural and economic center for Missouri’s Bountiful Bootheel. The City of Miner, population 984 (est.), was founded in 1942
(incorporated in 1951) by a group of modern day pioneers led by William Howard McGill.  Historically a farming community, Miner was originally known
as Minner, in honor of one of the landowners residing there.  When erecting a sign to mark their switching station, however, the railroad inadvertently
left out an "n" in the town's name and Minner became Miner Switch, and later the City of Miner.

Today, Miner is a major service center and tourist destination.  With nine hotels, one campground,
Lambert's Café - the Home of the Throwed Rolls
and the
Sikeston Factory Outlet Stores, Miner hosts thousands of guests each year.  Two points of interest are the Sikeston Factory Outlet Stores - the
only outlet mall between St. Louis and Memphis, and Lambert's Café - The Home of the Throwed Rolls (note the mural inside the building - it depicts
the history of the Lambert's Café and the Lambert family who proudly say "Four generations and still throwing!")

The City of Miner would like of the citizens to enroll in CodeRed so that they receive up-to-date notifications on emergency and non-emergency
situations.  You can enroll as many telephones you would like CodeRed by clicking the link below. If you have any questions regarding registration
please contact city hall at 573-471-8520.
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City of Miner

City of Miner
2610 E. Malone Ave.
Miner, Mo. 63801

Phone 573-471-8520
Fax 573-471-1959
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