Miner City Hall
The Administration Department is located in the Miner City hall and those offices
included in the Administration Department are the offices of the Mayor, City Clerk,
Assistant City Clerk and the Collector.          

Mayor - Darren Chapman                               573-471-8520  

City Clerk -  Darrin Skinner                             573-471-8520

City Collector -  Doris Smith                             573- 471-8520

City Treasurer -  Loraine Simpson                    573-471-8520

City Water - Collectors Office                            573-471-8520
Connection & Service

Liquor License Application - City Clerk              573-471-8520
Licenses run from July 1st -June 30th       

Voter Registration-City Clerk/City Hall                573-471-8520

Building Permits - City Collector                         573-471-8520
Doris Smith,

City of Miner
Darrin Skinner,
City Clerk
Lorraine Simpson,